Snow Globe Cocktail

Hey everyone! So this “Thirsty Thursday” cocktail doesn’t appear in a book – YET – but it is tasty enough that i just might have to write one into the holiday stories. 

If you want to “drink along” while watching this month’s Thirsty Thursday Q&A then you can follow the directions below for a quick, easy, and tasty dessert cocktail.

  1. Find the roundest glass you can (Okay, this isn’t required, but c’mon people. It’s called the freakin’ snow globe!)
  2. Put the largest ice cube you have into the glass. No big ones? A couple smaller ones will do just fine.
  3. Add a half ounce of cinnamon whisky (cinnamon tequila works too, if you can find it).
  4. Add a half ounce of kahlua.
  5. Add an eggnog type beverage (I like almond nog myself) to top up the glass. 

Want it to pack a bit more of a punch? Hey, no one’s judging here. Just toss in an ounce of vodka, gin, or double up on the amounts of the whisky and khalua in the original recipe. 

Add a dash of cinnamon, and vanilla powder if you have it. If you don’t, check it out. Seriously, this stuff goes on EVERYTHING!

Maybe a cinnamon stick to stir with? And hey, bottoms up 😀 

xo CJ Hunt

PS- I’m assuming you’re partaking responsibly, with a designated driver as necessary. Friends look after friends! See you next time!