Yes, I totally agree that it’s a bit on the early side to be thinking about the holidays. But in the book world, if we don’t think about it early and get it written, then it’s not available for you to get your hands on when the holiday season does finally roll around.

So I spent the day lost in Christmas themed images, and designing holiday themed book covers. Feels a little crazy, but also kind of exciting as I love the winter and everything that comes with being cozy inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket.

As part of that getting ready for the holiday season, I’m giving my website a long overdue overhauling. Definite case of the cobblers kids having no shoes as I spend much of my days building websites for other people and never seem to get to my own!

But all that is about to change, as I’ve reclaimed my creative time and am back on track with writing, and creating fun bits and pieces of things to share with you here.

Stay tuned…

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