Chocolate alone is not enough to sustain even the most romantic of souls. We writers gotta eat too. (Well, let’s be honest – my referral “payoffs” will maybe take a teensy bit of pressure off my book budget. But books are like food… right?!)

shutterstock_178082054So, when I talk about a book or other product and I put in a link to it on Amazon or wherever – IF you click through from my link and buy something, a couple pennies will dribble into my affiliate account.

My hope is that these pennies will add up eventually to dollars that I may then use to buy more books to review on the site which you might like and buy and more pennies will be added and… Well, I think you get the idea.

What I want to make very clear is that I’m not paid by these authors, or companies to refer these specific things. I write about what I want to write about, when I want to write about it. And I would never recommend something that I didn’t like or act in any other morally bankrupt ways just to get you to buy a book that was crap.

I may use the odd bit of “language” or write a steamy sex scene now and then, but I do still have some morals my grandma can be proud of when it comes to the way I treat my friends and the value I place on my soul and my standards!

You may not always agree with my opinion, because it is after all, mine… but I can promise you that you’re welcome to speak up in the comments and let me know when you disagree, and then the other readers can come to their own conclusions!