The List
A Rivers End Christmas Romance (Book #5)
December 2017

Come home to Rivers End and discover the ghosts of Christmases past…

When SELINA PETERMAN arrives in Rivers End one stormy night, it’s disorienting enough to discover she’s inherited a house. But when she learns that the house is filled to the rafters with junk—and uncomfortable family secrets—all she wants is to clean it, sell it, and get the heck out. No problem, except that she’s about to meet the biggest complication of all: the gorgeous caretaker who’s living there.

CONNOR O’DONNELL knows he shouldn’t get involved with the sexy granddaughter of the man he’d looked up to for so long. He’s not sure he’s even ready for a relationship, and getting involved with someone he knows isn’t going to stick around is risky—if not outright stupid. But with the snow falling outside and Christmas on the way, it’s all too easy for the two of them to stay inside and play house. It’s only for a few days, right?

A Touch of Magic (Book #1)
October 2017

Some women are born with a little something extra.
OONA WALSH is one of them. She learned early on that being honest about her gifts only leads to heartbreak and abandonment. But now she’s made a place for herself in Rivers End as the owner of Indulgence, a thriving bakery. There, she can use her powers to help people while flying well under the radar. But when sexy architect Sam Walker throws her carefully constructed world into chaos, she’s faced with a choice that will change her life forever—no matter what she decides. Will revealing her secret cost her the only place that has ever really felt like home?
SAM WALKER is finally ready to move on from his messy divorce and start dating again. When he finally gets a shot with Oona, it’s everything he’s been fantasizing about—and then some. Sam’s learned the hard way that a relationship without a foundation of honesty is doomed. But Oona is hiding something from him.
Will she come clean and give them a chance? Or has Sam bitten off more that he can chew when it comes to Oona?

A Rivers End Romance (Book #3)
October 2017

Three hearts, two birthdays, and one wedding day that no one in Rivers End will ever forget.

Social worker LUCIE KELLERMAN is five days away from the wedding of her dreams. Well, the wedding of her mother’s dreams. Lucie’s just happy that she’s finally doing something her parents approve of, and she’s thrilled that her relationship with her mother has never been better. There’s only one problem. Ever since she met bartender Daniel Martinez, she’s started questioning whether or not the life – and the man – she’s about to commit to are the ones she really wants.

DANIEL MARTINEZ has spent the two decades since his father died doing the right thing and looking out for his siblings. With such a big, involved family, alone-time is a thing of myth, and he’s used to putting himself last. But that’s all about to change. For the first time in his life, he’s about to embark on an adventure all by himself. Eight weeks in Mexico – volunteering with a children’s literacy organization.  At least that was the plan, until fate gives him a birthday gift in the form of Lucie Kellerman. Now he has a choice to make. Will he give in to temptation and tell Lucie how he really feels, or stay silent and watch the woman of his dreams walk down the aisle and into the arms of a man he knows in his heart isn’t right for her.

A Rivers End Romance (Book #2)
September 2017

When old secrets and new passions come home to Rivers End…

LUCAS HEYES is a man with a plan. Move back to Rivers End. Fix his broken relationship with his ex-brother-in-law Isaac Macallister, and be a good uncle to his niece Sara. Oh, and open Higher Ground – the coffee shop he’s been dreaming about for years. There’s only one hitch. Shannon MacAllister – Isaac’s younger sister – is back in town too, and living across the hall from him. Apparently he wasn’t gone long enough for his feelings for her to fade. After what happened five years ago, he’s sworn he’ll never keep secrets from the MacAllisters again. But is he willing to break that oath for Shannon?

SHANNON MACALLISTER has one wish, to get kissed at New Year’s by a man as unlike her fiancee – make that EX-fiancee – as possible before she settles into substitute teaching in her hometown and figures out what she wants to do with herself. She gets her wish. But along with it comes a whole whack of complicated. Her body wants Lucas, but her mind can’t help pointing out that while he’s sexy as hell, he lied to her before, and she’s not about to go back to that place. Bad enough that apparently they’re neighbours, but they share a family too. They’d all been through hell once before because of the Heyes family. Will Shannon trust enough to open up her heart and risk trying again?

Silver Bells
A Rivers End Romance (Book #1)
December, 2014 | Re-release August 2017

ISAAC MACALLISTER’S life revolves around building his business and doing his best to give his daughter Sara a strong sense of family. Over the years he’s had to learn how to keep their little family together on his own, but this Christmas Isaac is going to have some unexpected help.

Christmas blogger JENNA MURPHY has one goal for the holidays this year: to get far away from anything to do with Christmas. Her website sale is done, and after 1,825 posts about the big C, it’s one “season” she never wants to celebrate again. She’s ready to start a new life, and the Big River Lodge seems like the perfect place for her to figure out the details. The lodge is isolated, she has her own private cabin, and no one in her family will know where she is.

But she didn’t plan on the highly distracting presence of Isaac MacAllister. Is Jenna going to let one sexy dad and his sweet kindergartener derail her plans for her holiday … and her life?